Friday, September 21, 2012

Sorry sms

Anyt!me U R angry, !t Breaks My Heart,

But My Heart Never $tops Luv!ng U,

$orry That ! Have Hurt U

Kanjoos sms

Khud Ko Kr Knjoos Itnaa,

Ke Hr SMS Bhejney Sey Pahley,

Service Center Wale Call Kr K Puchein,

Are U Sure….. ??

You Really Want 2 Send Diss SMS  ??


Monday, September 17, 2012

Typing error

One million copies of a new book sold
In just 2 days due to typing error of 1 alphabet in title.

"An idea,that can change your WIFE''
While real word was(LIFE).

I miss you

Close Your Eyes ....,Relax Your Body....
'n Stop Breathing As Long As You Can...
Now Breath...
I Miss You As Much As You Missed The Air..!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Impress Beautiful girls

A Middle Aged Man Asking The Trainer In Gym:

 "I Want To Impress Beautiful Girls,

Which Machine Should I Use?"

 Trainer: "ATM" Sir. ;-)...

Shairy sms Dafan Ho Jaane Dey Mujhey

Terey Husn Ki aag Main Jal Jaane De Mujhey,
 Tere Honthon Ke Shabnam Ko Pi Jaane de Mujhey,
Mil Jaaye Meri Ruh Ko Maut Ka Sakun,
 Tere Jism Ki Kbr Main Dafan Ho Jaane Dey Mujhey,,,,,,,,,,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kanjus dost

Hey PRABHU kya teri maya hai ?
Fursat se mera nasib banaya hai,
Na phone koi na kisi ka msg aaya hai kya chun chun ke sirf KANJUSO ko mera Dost banaya hai